Talk the Future



Company Information 

Talk the Future [TtF] was founded in 2020 by Wageningen students to bring students and businesses together to develop ideas on corporations' most pressing business sustainability challenges through an interactive dialogue. Our clients include companies from different sectors with various challenges related to the climate and biodiversity crisis.

We assemble a team of students to help our clients take the next steps to implement sustainable systemic change through research and an innovative view from the students' perspective. Being part of a student team takes about two months of active work to research and prepare the presentation to the client. 

We are looking forward to meeting you and for you to join us!


Who are we looking for?

- Talk the Future is open for any bachelor or master's student from AERES and WUR interested in sustainability and entrepreneurship. This preferably concerns students that are not yet graduated and finished their secondary school at least a year ago.  


- There are no strict requirements for students to join. Nevertheless, the following aspects of the soft and hard skills are considered important:  

o   Soft skills: e.g., public speaking, confidence, team player, eagerness to learn, commitment, assertiveness, communicative skills, and motivation. 

o   Hard skills: e.g., circular economy, communication, business administration/management, and sustainability-related topics (depends on the business case)


Soft skills take precedence over hard skills, as hard skills are easier to acquire in a short period of time. By identifying what skills, a student already possesses, we can determine what role Talk the Future can play in your skill development and acquisition.


What can we offer you?

- A unique opportunity to expand your network in the (local) professional world.


- Experience in the work field and the opportunity to enhance both your soft and hard skills.  


- A great opportunity to boost your CV and explore potential job and internship prospects.  


Interested? Please send us a mail: