"Description Department / Team: ING Corporate Investments, based in Amsterdam, is offering a six months internship for the Sustainable Investments team. Corporate Investments is part of ING Wholesale Banking, the leading bank in the Benelux, and we are responsible for providing risk-bearing capital to our clients. Our products include equity, preference shares, subordinated / mezzanine and convertible instruments. We work with clients in various sectors, in the Netherlands and in the rest of ING’s core markets. The purpose of ING Sustainable Investments is to support our clients in moving towards Circular Economy and Energy Transition models as well as to enable ING to build more expertise and an earlier entry for new opportunities. Frequently, the underlying technology, innovative concept and/or life-cycle of these propositions are complex and require effort, expertise and experience to understand. The investment strategy will focus on scale-up opportunities (i.e. no seed/venture capital) based on proven concepts with an acceptable risks profile. For more information about ING Sustainable Investments, please see: https://www.ingwb.com/products-services/finance-your-business/sustainable-finance/sustainable-investments "
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