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E-house day Unilever 2021

Get-to-know Unilever online

We’ve been pioneers, innovators and future-makers for over 120 years. The success we’ve achieved means that, today, 2.5 billion people will use our products to feel good, look good and get more out of life. We make products that people love and that make a difference.

Nutritious foods. Household care essentials. Indulgent ice creams. Refreshing teas. Luxurious shampoos. Affordable, disease-combating soaps... and many more. In fact, we make around 400 much loved brands such as Knorr, Dove, Rexona, Hellmann's, Omo or Magnum. Shoppers buy them in more than 190 countries. That means you’ll find at least one of our products in seven out of ten households on the planet. And we want every one of those products to make a positive impact on the lives of the people who buy them.

We use insight and innovation to make sure these brands perform for consumers. And we make sure that our brands act on the issues that consumers care about.

That's why our purpose is to make sustainable living commonplace, and why sustainable, long-term growth is at the heart of our business model.

The world doesn’t stand still and neither do we. Not only do we embrace change, we also seek to make it. That applies to our brands – which achieve positive change through their purpose and value chains. It also applies to our business – which we are making future-fit, faster and more flexible.

Our 155,000 employees in more than 100 countries are key to our success. Together, we’re redefining the future of work – more diverse, more inclusive, highly skilled and high-performing. And as a company, we’re redefining the way business is done. That’s how we'll make sustainable living commonplace.


18th March from 3-6pm:

15 minutes: opening + (quiz) to get to know the students

30 minutes: company presentation

90 minutes: Business case. 

20 minutes: Q&A

Students can expect a super fun and interactive day to learn more about Unilever: who we are, our purpose, what it is like to work at Unilever, the experience of current employees, and finally entry options. Besides, they will have the chance to solve all questions they might have about Unilever with a Q&A session. Lastly, they will experience how it is to work at Unilever by doing a business case. It is a hypothetical case, but it reflects very well our purpose on making sustainable living commonplace.

Study Background: STEM Students with interest in food technology. Digital students with interest or background in AI and automatization. R&D profiles with interest in food: chemistry, physics, nutrition, consumer’s science. 

For questions and/or remarks? Please email inhousedagen@gmail.com!