Agreement Contract for Intermediary Services (version january 2019)

  1. Integrand Foundation has its statutory seat in Utrecht and registered office (3512 NK) in Utrecht, being registered in the commercial register of the KVK Netherlands Chamber of Commerce with number 41151681 (“Integrand”); and
  2. [Client] with its statutory seat in [Place] and registered office in [Place + Postal code], being registered in the commercial register of the KVK Netherlands Chamber of Commerce with number [KVK number] (“Client”);

Integrand and [Client] are hereinafter referred to collectively as the “Parties” and separately “Party”.


Taking into account that:
  1. Integrand is a foundation that aims to foster the business skills of academic students (hereinafter “Candidates”) among other through bringing together Candidates and companies;
  2. Integrand takes responsibility for the mediating for candidates in finding work and internships;
  3. The Client is looking for one or more candidates for one or more functions;
  4. Clients of Integrand’s mediation agree that in conclusion of one or more contracts for training or employment between the Client and one or more candidates is willing to pay a mediation fee;
  5. Integrand under the conditions as specified in this contract is willing to mediate in the conclusion of one or more agreements on internship(s) or work between the Client and one or more Candidates.

Having agreed to the previous statements:


1.1 Client bears to Integrand to mediate, on a fee described below, upon request by the creation of one or more agreements to mediate an internship(s) or work between the Client and one or more Candidates to fill one or more positions (the “Function”) which Integrand will accept.

1.2 For every position that the Client wishes mediation from Integrand, the Client’s demands for mediation by Integrand will be made known through the use of the “Position description” provided by or already made available digitally by Integrand (hereinafter “Position”).  If requested by Integrand, the Client will provide additional information regarding the mediation by Integrand, regarding the position provided by the Client or regarding the Client that is not included in the Position description.

1.3 Integrand will select Candidates for the Position using the information specified by the Client. After this selection Integrand will at least provide a Curriculum Vitae (excluding contact information) of the Candidates to the Client.

1.4 If required by the Client, Integrand will be responsible to initiate a conversation between the Client and the Candidate.

1.5 Based on the information provided by Integrand and possible conversations between the Candidate and the Client, the Client will provide the Candidate with the option to accept and sign a contract for the internship or Position in question.

1.6 At all times, the Client is entitled to search for a Candidate for the Position and hire that Candidate beyond the mediation services of Integrand. A Candidate offered by Integrand cannot be hired beyond the mediation of Integrand, even when it concerns a Position for which the Candidate is not being offered to.

1.7 At all times, the Client is entitled to withdraw the Function and close the Position, on the condition that no Candidates are in the process of mediation.



2.1 Mediation compensation: if the Client and Candidate agreed that the Candidate will fill the provided internship, work position or come to another agreement of work within the same or another entity of the Clients company, Integrand is owed a brokerage commission of 537,50 euro excluding VAT per Candidate by the Client (hereinafter “Mediation fee”). This will be billed after the agreement between Client and Candidate within one month. Annually Integrand has the possibility to increase the Mediation fee price with the inflation price growth.

2.2 Unless otherwise agreed, payment by the Client will be provided in euros by bank transfer to the bank account indicated by Integrand within fourteen (14) days after the invoice date.

2.3 When a Candidate self-initiated ends the agreement between the Candidate and the Client within fourteen (14) days after the start date of the Candidate, apart from unforeseen personal circumstances, the Client owes Integrand 268,75 euro excluding VAT for the Candidate, instead of the abovementioned 537,50 euro excluding VAT.

2.4 Integrand is entitled to determine which circumstances are considered unforeseen personal circumstances. 



3.1 Upon this Agreement to employment mediation the Integrand General Conditions apply, to which the Client agrees that they have received a copy of the Integrand General Conditions. Upon signing this Agreement to employment mediation, the Client consents with the Integrand General Conditions. These General conditions can be found here: