Why Choose Integrand

Broad Range

Integrand has twelve divisions, 130 board members and a database of thousands of students with the most diverse disciplines. We know loads of ambitious students that look forward to their career opportunities.

National Coverage

We can exactly find the student you are looking for.

Students For Students

Integrand is run completely by students. Since we are part of our target audience, we know what today's student are looking for and how you can best reach them.

Years Of Experience

Integrand has been an internship mediator since 1980. We know exactly what to do to get students interested in your company.

Non - Profit

Integrand is a non-profit organization.

For Companies

Internship Mediation

Do you need an academic intern? Integrand will help you find the right student!

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Career Events

Want to meet potential employees? Integrand has a wide variety of events aimed at bringing together graduate students and businesses.

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Online Advertising

Looking to further increase your online presence as an employer? Integrand has different possibilities for employer branding.

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Campus Recruitment

Are you looking for more offline promotion of your empolyer brand? We can help you establish your offline presence thorough posters / flyers / magazine ads and more.

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business about Integrand:

"For years Integrand and Randstad Groep Nederlands have formed a good match. As a partner have contact often and work together in a variety of ways. Integrand helps us with finding the right candidates for our Inhoused Days, reaching large groups of students through their (Social) Media channels, and in turn, we facilitate conferences for all of the Integrand board members. Integrand is a pleasant, reliable and professional partner for us. "Rick van der Westen - Campus Recruiter Randstad Group Netherlands

Students about Integrand:

<p>"The internship is excellent for me, there is no better. The job is perfect and the company meets all my expectations. The mediation by Integrand is great. I will also be using Integrand during my graduation program. Thank you for all your help! " Henri</p>