10 MEI 2019

Are you a master student in your final year and looking for an opportunity for personal growth and to explore a career in consulting? Join our Business Course 2019 for an inspiring 2-day event on May 10 & 11. 


Facebook, Uber, and Airbnb: digital disruptions that redefined industries, whilst giving some CEO’s nightmares along the road. Who will be the next disruptor and who will be disrupted? Digital is swiping to your next date and cash money is history, soon you follow your classes with VR – straight from your bed.

We harness the power of Digital to solve business problems for our clients. Sign up for the 2-day Business Course 2019 and get to know the Accenture culture, people and the type of work. Get direct personal coaching and develop your leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills!

Don’t forget to sign up, as the deadline on March 1st is approaching!

Why should you join?


  • Get coached by talented consultants from all different industries within Accenture
  • Get to know Accenture as an employer and discover your place in our company
  • A focus on personal development is key and you will be coached by your strengths
  • Put yourself in the picture for a potential internship or job
  • Network and learn from our senior managers and directors
  • Solve cases according to Accenture's way of consulting
If you want to apply for this business course, please click on the following link: https://www.accenture.com/nl-en/Careers/business-course?src=nlFY19Local_RM_EventEmail_&c=car_nl_localrmevent_10851970&n=emc_0119#block-schrijf