21 NOVEMBER 2017

&Samhoud has been chosen as ‘Great Place to Work’ for several times. &Samhoud is a usual unusual organization with a focus on employee value. Our core values intensity, authenticity and friendship play a central role in the organization. We offer a very ambitious working environment, good benefits, great colleagues and excellent opportunities for personal and professional development.

&Samhoud Consultancy
&samhoud consultancy is a world-class, vision-driven, usual unusual consultancy firm that creates sustainable and measurable value for employees, customers, shareholders and society. 

&Samhoud Food
&samhoud food brings gastronomy to the world by making innovative dishes accessible for a larger crowd. The dishes are developed by two-star chef Moshik Roth. His craftsmanship and twist make the dishes oddly delicious.

‘Oddly delicious’ says it all for this unique food innovation. Vegetables, and especially tomatoes, are the basis of our meals and meal components. With special combinations and operations of vegetables, people experience the sensations of meat. With this innovation &samhoud food contributes to sustainability. We make the dishes available for the crowd in two ways: our two-star restaurant and foodservice and retail. 

&Samhoud Media
We are a bunch of young creatives, born and raised in the digital era. We strive to inspire and connect people and organizations by innovative media concepts. As a creative agency and online publisher we create creative concepts. We are specialized in virtual reality.

For our International clients we create impactful virtual reality experiences that can be used both externally and internally. In addition, we make virtual reality experiences for consumers. We are very proud to say that we are the producer of the first virtual reality feature film in Europe, starring Dutch award-winning actors. We are currently opening the world’s first virtual reality cinemas throughout Europe.

As specialist in virtual reality we are always searching for ways to expand our knowledge in this field. Therefore, we conduct extensive research into the impact of virtual reality. This knowledge helps us in our strive to create truly impactful virtual reality experiences

&Ranj is a world-class serious gaming company working for large clients in the corporate, healthcare and education business. We believe that positive behavioral change can be best achieved through play. Under the motto of "Together we build a brighter future" we aim to have measurable impact on as many game players as possible.

Possibilities for students
As a student &Samhoud offers several possibilities. For instance &Samhoud consultancy offers the possibility to start as a student trainee. Within the business line of &Samhoud Media you will be able to do a 5-month internship. Within &Ranj you will be able to do both an internship and a student traineeship. 

For students who are finished with their studies there is a possibility to start as a junior within &Samhoud. 

Specifically for this Inhouseday
Field of Study: Engineering, Economics, (Technical) management, Econometrics, Business administration