“IRI delivers growth for our clients across the globe by pinpointing what matters and illuminating how it can impact their businesses across sales and marketing” Beyond the data At IRI we specialise in providing insight that goes above and beyond basic data measurement. By going 'beyond the data' we ignite extraordinary growth for our CPG, retail and healthcare clients. Innovate for positive change IRI's approach to innovation is not just about tools – it's about our people and our culture. It's the way we do business. IRI believes that by empowering our teams, we empower our clients – a highly successful formula which will facilitate positive change within your business. Leading-edge analytics IRI is continuing to innovate better ways of finding, analysing and presenting superior data. We understand that the sharper our market measurement is to begin with, the clearer we will see the way ahead in taking your business to the next level. Our leading-edge analytics go beyond reporting information to analysing and illuminating how it can inform smarter decisions from high level to the granular. These powerful, predictive insights and analytics provide our clients with the whole picture so they can make informed decisions about their marketing strategies. Growth Delivered At IRI everything we do, from the data we focus on, the insight we provide, the foresight we convey, to the best-in-class technologies and methodologies we use, is designed to dynamically move your business forward. At IRI we believe in going above and beyond so we can be true to our promise – Growth Delivered! - See more at: http://www.iriworldwide.nl/AboutUs.aspx#sthash.iXmJaGsh.dpuf
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