Anoxia - Marketing & Communication Internship
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Company information

A farmer is not only responsible for how his animals live, but also for how they die. No matter how well a farm is managed, there are always animals that get sick or injured. To prevent further suffering, they may need to be put down. Of course, the farmer wants the process to be as humane as possible. He also wants to spare his staff from having to deal with the potentially unpleasant situations that can result from using traditional mechanical or manual procedures. What’s more, given today’s growing public interest in animal welfare, he wants to be able to maintain – and preferably enhance – his reputation as a humane, responsible farmer. Thanks to the Anoxia method of euthanasia, he can achieve all these goals. The Anoxia method involves immersing the animals in an atmosphere of nitrogen gas. They then lose consciousness very quickly – within 15-25 seconds. As a result, they experience virtually no suffering or stress, and the executing staff can feel perfectly at ease. Anoxia is a humane method of euthanasia that’s better for animals, better for employees and better for the farmers reputation. 

Job information

In this internship there is a focus on business development strategies, market research, marketing tactics (offline and online), developing new markets, and implementing new products. Understanding or affection with technology is not required but is an advantage. 

Assisting the Director of Commerce in implementing the corporate communication and sales strategy. Developing the corporate website and communication to leads, prospects and customers through e-mail newsletters, social media platforms (Facebook, Xing, Linkedin, etc.), B2C-fairs, workshops, etc. Developing lobby programs for NGO’s, press releases, white papers, etc. Building the dashboard / key metrics to monitor progress in sales and commercial funnels. Doing market research.

Job requirements

We are looking for someone with the following capacities
Affinity with Agriculture / Farming Industry
Team player
Analytical skills    
Presentation skills (moderate)
Commercial attitude
Online orientation

What does your company?

From Augustus -> 5 months
From September -> 4 months
Also possible for graduated students.