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Company information

Hug Engineering BV core business activities span the development, production, engineering, and sale of exhaust gas purification systems.
For the past thirty years, the company has been providing efficient solutions for engines used in stationary and mobile applications – both in the form of standardized modules and customized systems.

Building on many years of experience, our excellence in innovation, and the expertise of our workforce, we have established ourselves as a world leader in the area of diesel particulate filters and catalytic exhaust gas purification. As an end-to-end provider, we occupy a very strong position in the global market and are geared up for further expansion.
Hug Engineering B.V. is part of Hug Engineering AG (Switzerland) a medium-sized company with around 250 employees at five sites. In 2011, Hug became part of the ElringKlinger Group, a leading global development partner and original equipment manufacturer for the automotive industry with over 7,900 employees.

Job information

Hug Engineering is working in a very interesting global market where huge opportunities are laying ahead. Due to the environmental awareness the global regulations are getting more and more stringent. This is a huge advantage for our products.

Due to this increase of requests we are now facing a luxury problem. We are not able to keep up with the Request for Quotations (RFQ) from our customers. Therefore we need a clever tools which will help us produce budget offers based on previous offers.
There are a big number of variables which determine our offers. These should be integrated in the budget tool generator.

Job requirements

Knowledge of building databases and affinity with engineering and tech.

What does your company?

We offer a working experience with an international operating company. You will get dedicated support from our Sales Engineer.
You will work in a small team of 20 people in The Netherlands.