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Company information

Kipp & Zonen is one of those beautiful companies few people know of: Kipp & Zonen is a world leading instrument manufacturer since 1830. Started in Delft and still in Delft almost 200 years later. From glass instruments for chemistry to telephones to plotters to ‘you name it’; nowadays Kipp & Zonen is the world leader in the measurement of atmospheric/climate properties and supplies a wide range of instruments for that purpose. The meteorological market, research institutes and the solar energy market are the main customers for these instruments. The company has experienced considerable growth in the solar energy market around the world. Each market has its specific dynamics and customer/product requirements, and Kipp & Zonen wants to launch two new products for the solar industry in 2017.

Job information

Wanted: A trainee from an economic / commercial college or university who is looking for a marketing job for four to six months to be carried out in Delft. Contact and customers: The real customer is –of course- the customers buying & using our end products. The contact persons and coaches for the assignment are the Product Managers at Kipp & Zonen, responsible for product launch, product life cycle management and customer innovation. The internal end customer is the CTO, also responsible for Product Management and product launches. The main internal customers are the Development & Engineering department, Marketing, Graphic Design, Business Control and the sales channels. Assignment: The main purpose of the assignment is to do a proper market investigation for both products, and prepare a market launch with all stakeholders. For the two products, a clear market need has been identified, and this was the basis for the product development, but the business case still has to be made: the market has to be quantified further, and alternative markets have to be evaluated as well. Competitor analysis and pricing, positioning of the product all belong to the analysis. Also, the market launches of both products have to be prepared, from pricing to communication material and process. Together with the Product Managers and Marketing department, the sales channels have to be informed, and exhibitions have to be prepared as well for proper market introduction. It is an interesting period to step in and ‘meet the Kipp innovation engine’ and work on a broad, all-round but concrete & hands on marketing assignment, as a full member of the development team. Estimation: 50% of the work is individual, 50% is teamwork. The assignment will be concluded with a presentation to the management of Kipp & Zonen and the sales offices involved, and a report in English. Under the guidance of two senior product managers at Kipp & Zonen, who has previously conducted several market studies, the trainees will formulate answers to the following main questions:
• Who are the major (potential) customers for the two Kipp & Zonen instruments?
• What are the main regions/countries to focus on?
• What is the willingness-to-pay in the main targeted countries?
• An overview of competitor products
• An advice on the sales-price
• A sales channel analysis and proposal for one product that will be launched in a less familiar Kipp & Zonen market.
• A marketing launch plan for the products: from exhibition to sales channel introduction


Job requirements

Profile: The candidate is preferably undertaking a bachelor or master study in a commercial direction and is looking for an internship in a SME business in the Netherlands that generates primarily international sales. The candidate recognizes him/herself to have the following abilities:
• Good analytical and communication skills
• Self-starting, cooperative, able to develop plans in collaboration
• Pragmatic, solution and result oriented: ‘can do’
• Creative and resolute in getting the right market information through desk research, e-mail and telephone contact
• Able to make a structured plan for marketing and sales
• In addition to the Dutch language, good knowledge of English, both spoken and written; telephone interviews and the final report must be in English
• Preferably, a strong affinity with solar or renewable energy
• A strong affinity with the B2B market
• Affinity with technical products


What does your company?

We offer: Remuneration of € 350 per month per person based on 4 days per week plus travel expenses to the office in Delft, and the travel and accommodation costs - if required by the assignment. We also offer you a period in a historical and innovative company with enthusiastic, professional and dedicated colleagues who are gladly willing to help you with the work, analysis, processes and actions during the course of the assignment.




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