Research Internship Pharmacovigilance Support and Logistics at Amgen BV
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Company information

Amgen is an American organization which specializes in biotechnological medicines. Since 1993 Amgen has a Marketing & Sales office in Breda, the Netherlands. This organization, of approximately 100 employees, focuses on the marketing, sales and medical support and trials of our products in the Netherlands. Amgen’s mission is “To Serve Patients” and the aspiration of the Dutch affiliate is the following:
Amgen delivers reliably the best innovative and existing (bio) pharmaceutical solutions for severe conditions and works closely together with healthcare providers, health insurers and government agencies to continually create added value for the patient. 

Job information

Short description of assignment:
The purpose of this role is to learn about core safety activities conducted at the local affiliate, such as processing and distribution of safety data and under closer supervision, whilst developing expertise in full range of pharmacovigilance. To work with local safety manager to provide specific safety support activities for the local business.  
Depending on background of the intern and business need, an suitable assignment can be agreed. Topics can be Patient Support Programs, Market Research, involvement in cross-functional teams, training of colleagues. The internship will provide the opportunity to learn about local pharmacovigilance activities. It is also possible to learn about medical & regulatory affairs where pharmacovigilance has overlap.
Patient Safety is the most important topic within healthcare as this is the goal for all activities involved.
Defined Deliverables / Outcomes:
-    A good overview on pharmacovigilance within the pharmaceutical industry

Job requirements

  • Be analytic, precise and problem solving skills
  • Understanding of relevant medical & safety terminology
  • Proactive in seeking assistance in unfamiliar situations
  • Knowledge of healtcare or pharmaceutical sciences is preffered but not mandatory