Company information

What if getting and staying in touch with people you meet, could be facilitated by the most common and powerful gesture of meeting a new person: the handshake? This is where our start-up comes in. We make networking as simple as a handshake.

Job information

Your chief responsibilities will be the programming of the smart bracelet (System on a Chip) and the development of a network (hardware and software) that tracks Bluetooth devices across a venue. Specifically, you will be developing networked BLE beacons that receive information from our smart bracelets, and then relay that information to our product’s database.

Job requirements

Required Skills:
• PCB low-level programming (C/C++)
• Familiarity with RF, Blue Tooth communications
• Familiarity with network architecture
• A fun, friendly attitude with plenty of self-initiative
Desirable Skills:
• Prior experience with localization is a plus
• Prior experience with iBeacon or EddyStone
• Experience with back end database


What does your company?

- Competitive placement fee
- Dynamic working environment
- Ping pong & fussball
- Flexible working hours
- Free Vrijmibo's (Friday afternoon drinks)