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Amgen - Human Resources internship Amgen Europe BV | Internship, B Communication| Human Resource Management| Psychology| S ICT & Electro| Life Science & Chemistry| From date 26-Aug-19
Marketing Prod Management KIPP & zonen BV | Internship, B Marketing| S Engineering| Energy| From date 16-Jan-17
Information Management Internship NLC | Internship, B IT| Engineering| S ICT & Electro| Engineering| Life Science & Chemistry|
Goboony: Assistant Belgian Market - Flemish Speaking Goboony B Sales & Business Development| S ICT & Electro| FMCG| Production & industry| Marketing, Sales and Media| Life Science & Chemistry| Public sector| Construction and architecture| Infrastructure and Offshore| Energy| Consultancy| Financial services| Law| Accountancy| Education| Fiscal| Language and culture| Retail| Media| Hospitality| From date 20-Aug-18
HelloFresh - Internship Graphic Design (French Speaker) HelloFresh | Internship, B Communication| Marketing| S FMCG| From date 06-May-19
SkyGeo - Sales & Business Development SkyGeo | Graduation program, Internship, B Engineering| Sales & Business Development| S Production & industry| Engineering| Public sector| Construction and architecture| Infrastructure and Offshore| Energy| Other| Real Estate| From date 03-Nov-17
Tradesparent B.V. - Business Consultant Tradesparent B.V. | Internship, B accounting / finance| Management| Consultancy| Supply chain & operations| S Consultancy| Financial services| From date 19-May-17
Challenging programming internship MetaObjects | Graduation program, B IT| Engineering| S Engineering|
Lepaya - Learning, development and coaching content Lepaya | Internship, B Communication| Marketing| Sales & Business Development| Human Resource Management| Psychology| R&D| Sociology| From date 23-Nov-17
NLC - Business Developer Intern at Healthtech Incubator NLC | Graduation program, Internship, B Communication| Engineering| Sales & Business Development| Management| Consultancy| R&D| S Consultancy| Personal Care| From date 01-Sep-19
ECE - Stage Event Management Unknown Group BV | Graduation program, Internship, B Communication| Marketing| Management| S Real Estate| Education| From date 01-Jun-19
Recruitment Surge for Sciences | Internship, Academic career, B Human Resource Management| Consultancy| S Consultancy|
BrightStone Group B.V.: Recruitment Consultant. BrightStone Group B.V. | Internship, B Management| Human Resource Management| S Consultancy| Financial services| HR & Recruitment| Law| Accountancy| From date 01-Mar-19
Visual & Interaction Designer Drieam | Internship, Academic career, B Industrial Design| S ICT & Electro| Engineering|
Ruby on Rails Programmeur Drieam | Academic career, B IT| Engineering| S ICT & Electro| Engineering|
ECE - Data Analist Unknown Group BV | Internship, B Consultancy| R&D| S Consultancy| Education| From date 01-Jun-19
TRW International Holdings BV – Treasury & Finance Internship TRW International Holdings BV | Graduation program, Internship, B accounting / finance| S Production & industry| From date 01-Jul-17
Front-end development Barqo | Graduation program, Internship, B IT| S ICT & Electro| From date 13-May-19
IRI - Analytics IRI Worldwide B IT| Sales & Business Development| Data analysis| S Consultancy|
Stage Applicatieontwikkelaar J&S Webshops BV | Internship, B IT| S Marketing, Sales and Media| From date 19-Dec-14