The perfect academic side job (or graduation internship) for programming students
Dynalynx | Academic career, Graduation program, B IT| S ICT & Electro|

Do you want to acquire experience next to your studies in real innovative web developping and software? Then come to DynaLynx B.V., we develop high tech IoT-solutions.

Job information

With us you will plunge yourself in a team of young developpers in which you can implement your inputs and  ideas for front- and backend development, Javascript, NodeJS, Restfull API's, HTML and CSS. Furthermore we develop, inhouse, completely embedded systems, such as high tech sensory and Internet gateways. 

DynaLynx B.V. is a frontrunner in Internet of Thing with its innovative techniques and is future-minded. Above all, with us you get the chance to learn from highly experienced software engineers (PhD-level) and senior electronicsdeveloppers (>25 years of experience). In short: with us you can reach your optimal potential! 

The developping-tasks can be altered in such a way that these suffice to the requirements of a graduation assignment. We provide next to this all an interesting pay-outstructure that increases with your experience. 

Job requirements

Logically knowledge of databases
Skills that would be great to possess: