Vimana - Simantium

Company information

VIMANA B.V. is a Dutch startup company, active in design and manufacturing of advanced light-weight materials based on magnesium technology for automotive and aerospace industry.

Job information

We are looking for motivated students interested in the areas of Production Engineering, Materials & Design and R&D Engineering. As an Intern, you'll work independently, and under direct supervision of the Chief Technology Officer. Working on existing as well as innovation projects and gain practical knowledge.

Job requirements

•        Very good communication skills in English
•        Problem solver
•        Team player
•        Interest in Innovations and current technological trends
•        Ability to apply technical knowledge to analyze problems and create innovative solutions
•        Ability to analyze text and read technical documentation
•        Basic knowledge of metal materials and materials engineering in general
•        Experience with Microsoft Office
•        B.Sc. or M.Sc.

What does your company?

• Internship allowance (depending on education level)
• Opportunity to work in a highly innovative and dynamic environment
• Insight into advanced materials manufacturing
• Insight into entrepreneurship
• Opportunity to work on the state-of-the-art technology
• Mentoring and coaching
• Possibility of future employment
• Be a part of the start!