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What we do

Integand Foundation, founded in 1980, is a national independent non-profit organization managed by academic students. Integrand's mission is to connect and stimulate ambition. Partly thanks to our national coverage, we are the largest academic internship mediator in the Netherlands.

why integrand

We make sure you find an internship that matches your profile and wishes. During the process we will provide you with tips to ensure that you are matched for a top tier internship. In addition, we organize interactive career events with high level employers. These are days when you can personally come in contact with recruiters. If you have a GPA higher than a 7/10 average and have relevant secondary activities, we can offer you a place in one of our talent pools.

The process in 5 steps



Register through our website and upload your resume. Once your registration has arrived, you will receive an email from us to create a password. Next, the nearest establishment will contact you to discuss your wishes. In addition, you can apply immediately for internships that interest you. Do note that we are speciallized in Dutch internships, so as an international student your mediation could take a bit longer than our average medation times. Furthermore our mediation is significantly better if you are registered at or affiliated with a dutch university.



After you log in via our website, you are invited to make an in-call. During this conversation we will ask for your wishes and needs. In addition, we will provide your resume of tips and present you with interesting internships.


Looking for Internships that fit you!

Now that you have been in contact with us, we have a complete profile on you. From this moment you can actively look for an internship that suits you. Or, once we have received an interesting internship for you, we will notifiy you. Additionally, do not be afraid to apply our services to features that are of interest to you.


Applying on your own

In addition to actively engaging in various internships, you can always apply for interesting internships via our website! When we both actively look for, you will find an internship faster. All the internships shown on the english website are suited for International students!


We help you get the internship of your dreams

During the intern-hunting process we will guide you personally. So we check your motivation letter for you and give you tips. Through our personal contact with recruiters, we can make sure your CV is on top of the stack. When invited, we will provide you with tips that will help you prepare you for your conversation and get a better chance of being accepted.

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