Integrand has three different talentpools: the Finance, Law, and Technical Talentpool. However, the Law Talentpool is in Dutch. The talentpools consist of the high potential students affiliated with Integrand. It is a select group for which special training and events are organized yearly. The courses focus on personal development, but also on specific skills that come in handy within the sector. During the events, you come into contact with various companies. They are in line to meet you!
You will receive a Talentpool Certificate when you participate in at least 3 training courses and/or events. At that time you can also note on your CV that you are/have been part of the Integrand Talentpool.
When you are part of one of the talentpools, you belong to a select group, which means that you stand out for companies we work with compared to other students. The talentpool offers many opportunities to expand your network!
Do you want more information? Take a look at the talentpool pages below. You can register here right away.
  • Free training courses en events
  • Certificate
  • (Personal) development
  • Extensive network