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Allergios BV- Research Intern

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WO Bachelor 3


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4, 5

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Chemie, Overig, Zorg & Welzijn



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Job description


Sensitivity and specificity of current in vivo and in vitro allergy tests, ie skin prick tests and allergenspecific IgE serum assays, are not sufficient to make a reliable clinical diagnosis when food allergy is suspected. As a result, expensive, stressful food challenge tests still have to be used regularly.

Allergios BV is a recently established start-up biomedical company which focuses on the

development of a new IVD device, the GranulEye, to visualize the cellular morphological changes associated with the allergen-stimulated activation of the basophil cells which play a central role in the formation of acute and chronic allergic diseases.

The design of the device is based on research carried out at the Universities of Vienna and Bremen and consists of a microfluidic chip that is mounted in an optical system where the acquired images are processed with specially developed software.

Primarily, Allergios will focus on the development of the device as a reliable tool in the diagnosis of food allergies; the application of the device will also be investigated in other allergic disorders (inhalation allergy, drug allergy) and other clinical disorders associated with cellular morphological changes.

Description of the project:

The purpose of the project is to evaluate relevant information on the scientific validity of the

Granuleye allergy test compared to other recent innovations in field of allergy diagnosis: the Basophil Activation Test (BAT) measuring the same marker as the GranulEye, i.e. basophil activation and Component Resolved Diagnostics (CRD), a serum test analyzing IgE antibodies against individual molecular components of allergenic compounds.

The project activities will comprise an extensive search of peer-reviewed scientific literature and other sources such as expert opinions and results from proof-of-concept studies. Results from literature search will be evaluated and compiled in a scientific validity report.


  • Kandidaat moet tenminste over een bachelor graad in (bio)medische studie beschikken.
  • Kandidaat moet zelfstandig literatuur onderzoek verrichten op basis van wetenschappelijke publicaties, expert rapporten en overige studies.
  • Kandidaat moet resultaten van literatuur onderzoek verwerken in een wetenschappelijk rapport waarin opgenomen conclusies over de status van de onderzochte diagnostische methoden.
  • Goede (digitale) communicatie skills is een vereiste.

Working conditions

De uitvoering van de Allergios opdracht kan een positieve bijdrage aan de ontwikkeling van de kandidaat leveren. De kandidaat zal nauw worden betrokken de ontwikkeling van een innovatief product in de context van een biomedical start-up. Het uitvoeren van een zelfstandig literatuuronderzoek, het opstellen van een onderzoeksrapport, de evaluatie van verkregen resultaten en het opstellen van conclusies dragen bij aan de wetenschappelijke vorming van de kandidaat.