Awaves - Programmer

Study phase

WO Bachelor 1, WO Bachelor 2, WO Bachelor 3, WO Pre-Master, WO Master, WO Afgestudeerd, HBO Bachelor 1, HBO Bachelor 2, HBO Bachelor 3, HBO Bachelor 4, HBO Master, HBO Afgestudeerd




1, 2, 3, 4

Required languages

English OR Dutch




Design, Entertainment, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Marketing & communicatie, Media


3, 4, 5, 6, 6+

Place of work

Deels op kantoor

About us

We are Awaves, a startup on the campus of the University of Twente. We build a DJ with artificial intelligence. This A.I. DJ is the basis for our own music streaming app Awaves Play. With Awaves Play we are going to take the music experience at house parties worldwide to the next level. A DJ quality music experience in every living room. Last year we were elected best startup of our university. We work on the most innovative algorithms in music and A.I., and believe in the power of creative design to bring our DJs to life and create the best possible user experience for our users. 

Job description

In order to do this we need state of the art technology that is able to compete with Spotify. An example of our technology is the research of Koen van den Brink, our lead A.I. programmer. He recently wrote his bachelor thesis on finding the drop in elektronic music using neural networks. This technology is applied in Awaves Play, which we are planning to introduce to the global consumer market. 

We need programmers to help us with:

  • Implementing new features in Awaves Play
  • Product improvement based on user feedback
  • Website development
  • Assist in state-of-the-art research on the crossroad of music and A.I.


We are looking for

  • Someone with some degree of independence and initiative. 
  • Someone with a passion for learning and a steep learning curve.
  • Someone who knows how to put themselves in the shoes of our users and users' minds.
  • Having design skills is a plus
  • Some knowledge of AI or music is a plus
  • Become part of our team for 10-20 hours per week
  • Proven coding skills (Phyton, Javascript, Java, HTML)
  • Willingness to learn

Working conditions

  • Experience in an ambitious tech-startup
  • A monthly (small) equity package as compensation
  • Fun team with mostly students 
  • An own office in the startup incubator Incubase on campus
  • Remote working is possible
  • We work together as a team on Saturdays
  • You are free to arrange your hours as you see fit