08 NOVEMBER 2018
The financial industry is continuously changing. New rules and regulations from regulators such as the European Central Bank require banks to change the way they work. But also smart and innovative Fintechs (Financial start-ups) challenge the market to think critically about their proposition.

As a global leading financial institution, ING is constantly facing new rules and regulations, but also needs to stay a step ahead of the competition. This means that a lot of changes happen all the time throughout the entire organisation. What do we mean with change? Think of developing and introducing new products, new IT systems, new processes (ways of working), implementing new regulations, or reorganisations.

When changing something in a large, multinational organisation such as ING, a lot of different countries, departments and specialists are involved, such as Sales, IT, Operations, Finance and Risk. In order to make change happen, we need people who are an expert in coordinating and organising to make sure all different parties are on the same line. That means, people who can talk to all different departments, translate their (business) needs into requirements, and who are the bridge between business, technology and finance. Smart people, who feel comfortable in unknown environments. People who enjoy making something out of nothing and who can motivate teams to work towards a goal.

In order to be an excellent change professional, you require specific skills. You will need an academic background, and an appetite for coordinating and organizing. You are great at stakeholder management and are able to make sure that all major stakeholders are aware of the latest developments. Moreover, you also know how to make a clear and understandable planning and when needed, you can think pragmatic and creative to find solutions for ad-hoc challenges.

Do you recognize yourself in the above? Then sign up for this Integrand Inhouse Day now! On this day, we will show you what it means to be a Change Execution professional within ING, what opportunities lie ahead, and how you can make an impact as of day 1. We hope to see you there.

Study field: All studies
Study phase: Master students
Place: Bijlmerplein 888 Amsterdam