01 OKTOBER 2019

Do you get excited about the latest technological innovations? Do you like to learn, discover and do? Do you love to work with people from different cultures and with companies in an extended range of industries? Is your robot-dance in need of improvement? And does your computer say ‘yes’?

You are done with your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. So, now what? Even though you do not hold a degree in technology, you know that your future career lies in innovation, technology and IT as it is everywhere around you. Another great advantage is that there are a gazillion job opportunities as a junior consultant in tech and IT.

We at Accenture drive innovation to improve the way the world works and lives. That is not a false promise. We help our clients to change detailed industrial processes but also address societal challenges. Inclusion and diversity is at the heart of our company and corporate responsibility is in the DNA of our organization. And how can you not feel included when having Friday drinks with your colleagues?

All we ask from you is that you are smart, self-motivated, and willing to learn. We know that everyone is unique, in their own special way.

But only together, as men and women with different beliefs and cultural backgrounds, we can be truly successful. It is diversity that makes Accenture effective, powerful, open and engaged. To make this happen, we have developed the Young Talent Tech Program to contribute to a more diverse and gender-neutral organization.

The Young Talent Tech Program Selection day will take place on August 1, 2019.
Your job as a junior consultant will start fulltime as of Ocotber 1, 2019

Accenture, ITO, Gustav Mahlerplein 90, 1082 MA Amsterdam

Upload your cv and motivation before July 16 via the following link: https://www.accenture.com/nl-en/careers/young-talent-tech-program#block-form
You may be invited to the selection day, which also includes a preceding online assessment. On the selection day, you will be introduced to what Accenture is about, followed by two interviews.