We are a world-class, vision-driven company active in different industries worldwide.

We differ in our expertises, but unite in our purpose: Together we build a brighter future. We offer our products and services both in our separate businesses as well as in integrated propositions.

&samhoud consultancy
Our world-class management consultancy firm which creates sustainable and measurable value for employees, customers, shareholders and society.

&samhoud places
Our Michelin awarded restaurant in Amsterdam where chef Moshik Roth creates gastronomical dishes and innovates food.

&samhoud food
Our innovative food company which inspires people to eat more vegetables by creating delicious and surprising vegetable-based food products.

&samhoud media
Our entrepreneurial young start-up which strives to inspire and connect people by creating breakthrough media concepts and content.

Our serious gaming company which helps individuals, teams, departments and organisations to achieve behavioral change through play.
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