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You will be part of the Marketing team at Accenture the Netherlands. We are a mixed group of marketing professionals with different backgrounds and experiences. The aim is to create impact in all we do while executing a strategy that revolves around growing and strengthening our employer brand. Key objectives are building long-term brand value and meet the daily business needs around direct recruitment demand.

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You play a vital role in our marketing campaigns aimed to attract the best talent in town. You are as well tasked to make sure the marketing efforts are integrated within the global marketing strategy and align with recruitment needs; all efforts are aimed to differentiate and grow the Accenture brand, as well as getting in the right talents we need right now and in the future.

• Assisting the Employer Brand manager in day to day operations;
• Setting up and running campaigns to meet business needs;
• Handling our Social Media channels and content;
• For example, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
• Setting up new Social Media, like Snapchat, Glassdoor, etc.
• Leading the content calendar and help to execute the content driven strategy;
• Evaluate marketing campaigns, including insights, learning and recommendations for future efforts and advertising investments;
• Assist and provide new ideas regarding recruitment marketing possibilities;


• You are eager to learn lots of new stuff, at a fast pace. You are a self-starter and willing to run multiple projects at the same time;
• You have a strong attention to detail, get energy from delivering top notch marketing campaigns and take responsibilities;
• You are currently pursuing an HBO bachelor or university degree, preferably in business studies, marketing, advertising or business organization; with a strong interest in marketing and communication;
• You know the basics of (online) marketing and overall brand management;
• You are a Dutch native and fluent in the English language;
• You have an open mind and new ideas captivate you;
• You can write engaging copy text to fuse into marketing material.

Wat biedt het bedrijf je?

Quite something to be frank. When you join the team, you will be immersed in an environment that is all about personal growth at a fast pace. In a short timespan; you will learn a lot that will lay the foundation for your future career in marketing or advertising. If you have a great idea, let’s do it. If you want to do additional projects, let’s do it. It sounds like a cliché, but the sky is the limit. Together we can make an impact.

Besides the exponential growth opportunities, you work together with the best talents in town, combined with mentorship of seasoned colleagues, and all in an international setting.

• You will get your own “buddy”; a senior colleague who will help and guide you during your internship;
• You receive a compensation and a laptop;
• You will gain knowledge and expertise in the field of marketing and in crafting a strong brand;
• You will expand your professional network;
• You will work with the latest developments in VR, AI, Robotics, Mobile, etc.;
• You can hang out with our robot colleague: Pepper.

If you want to write your graduation thesis, the number of hours is open for discussion.