Challenging Supply Management Internship in the IT Sector
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Supply Value is a procurement, supply chain and information management consultancy firm based in Arnhem, the Netherlands. We help leaders to improve the cooperation in their value chain so they can create sustainable value, reduce cost and reduce risks. We believe that results that seem to be unfeasible alone can be reached if individuals and organizations work together. Each from his/her own strength, focused on a common goal. Correspondingly, our core values are freedom, trust, responsibility, and fun! 
Our approach stands for a durable and value providing result which is executed through our value of "Thinking, doing, creating support". This means that we do not only wish to write a report, but also execute it and establish it in an organization.

Functie omschrijving

We are looking for an enthusiastic Master student, looking to perform his/her Thesis in a growing, knowledgeable, and open consultancy company. We do not expect you to work as an intern, you focus on writing your Master Thesis. What do we expect from you? 
The specifications depend on the research, but generally, we have a few expectations. 
Firstly, we expect a great Master Thesis. Additionally, we expect you to write a more practical report that is valuable for us, and our customers. This report can, for instance, offer a new approach, a new model or framework, or provide new insights in markets.

A major trend in IT in the past years is that IT organizations have transformed from supply-driven organizations(internal IT supplier) to IT management organizations. These organizations play a connecting role between the demand of the internal customer and the supply of external suppliers. Questions that can be researched are: What does the optimal IT governance organization look like? What are the different levels in maturity of IT management organizations? What steps should an organization take in order to grow to the next maturity level? And what are the critical success factors?


Who are we looking for?
We have a preference for graduate students following a Master in the direction of (technical) business administration, economics, supply chain management, procurement management, information management, computer science, or comparable Masters. 
Furthermore, we are looking for someone:
- With an affinity with the consultancy profession.
- With the drive to get the best possible result.
- With extracurricular activities on their resume.
- Who is independent and proactive.
- Who is ambitious, conscientious, and a critical thinker.
- Who is an open minded team-player.
- In the top 20% in academic benchmarks.
- Dutch speaking.

Wat biedt het bedrijf je?

What can you expect from us?
- Your personal mentor
- Practical insights from your coach and other colleagues
- Help to ensure relevance in the academic and business world
- Access to our network of purchasing professionals (for possible questionnaires or interviews)
- Access to our knowledge database
- An open and interested mindset from all of your colleagues
- A monthly compensation with a bonus structure