Exploring and Embedding Improvements in Information Retrieval Technology
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Company information

Established in 1987, C-CONTENT is an international supplier of search engine technology for professionals and a market leader in content integration technology, providing access to all relevant (professional) information in a specific segment, through a single search system.

Job description

Researching useful search engine, identity management and natural language processing modules present in the market place, available through 3rd parties:

- Which data enrichment tools or services are offered and what are the latest techniques?
- To what extent are these features already available in the MY-LEX® content integration system, and which features would strongly improve the use of the system for its end-users?
- Which identity management modules are available and how can these be integrated in the MY-LEX® content integration system ?
- What upcoming techniques do you foresee and to what extent are these relevant for the improvement of the user-experience of the MY-LEX® content integration system?

Based on your market analysis, you will further explore search enhancing functionality and you will contribute to the implementation of these features.

Job requirements

The applicant should have decent experience in programming in Java and/or C#.

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