Front-end Development Internship
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MediaMonks is the biggest creative digital production company on the planet. We specialise in working for and with advertising agencies to craft amazing digital work for global brands. You can find us anywhere on the Web as well as in Amsterdam, London, Stockholm, New York, LA, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Singapore and Dubai.

MediaMonks boasts an in-house team of more than 500 Monks that are versed in an infinite range of digital disciplines, collectively covering anything you could possibly throw at a digital campaign. Our award-winning capabilities include film, games and mobile and are recognised by over fifty institutions worldwide, including Cannes, Eurobest, the Webbys and the Awwwards.

MediaMonks, est. 2001, is a member of SoDA and part of the FWA Hall of Fame.

Functie omschrijving

- For a minimum of 5 months, you’ll be part of our international development department in Hilversum, which is comprised of some of the hottest front- and backend specialists in the world.
- You help to build the brainchilds of the agencies we work for, producing high-profile projects for A-list brands such as Weber, Adidas and Heineken.
- You’ll learn how to work across different project teams, with a shared but also individual responsibility to meet real deadlines and deliveries.
- Your internship will cover different kinds of projects that engage with all elements of HTML and CSS.
- You’ll learn about scalability and how to organize code in large-scale projects.
- Depending on your projects, you may also learn more about ReactJS and other MVVM/MVC frameworks we use; libraries such as GSAP; Git and GitFlow; and JS, ES6 or TypeScript.


- You can independently put together a mean website from scratch with a solid foundation in HTML and CSS.
- You have some-to-awesome knowledge of JavaScript.
- You are intrinsically motivated and have proven ambition for coding and programming, preferably shown in web-related side projects.
- Crucially, you know how to turn all of your coding competencies into lucid code that both your coworkers and web browsers can understand.


- You’re familiar with programming basics such as if-statements and different kinds of loops (e.g., the for-loop, while-loop, do-while loop).
- You’re interested in object-oriented programming (OOP) and are familiar with working according to strict coding standards and other technical requirements.
or have experience with animations and/or responsive web development.
- Side projects!



  • 1211 PA Hilversum, Schapenkamp 2