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Housing Anywhere is a housing platform where people can rent out rooms to international students. It originally started as a platform where outgoing exchange students can rent out their rooms when they go abroad. Incoming exchange students can rent these rooms. Nowadays, it’s a global platform where demand & supply of rooms for international students meets each other.



Become responsible for launching and expanding HousingAnywhere.com

You would start on the 15th August 2016 (preferably) until the 31st January 2017 (preferably).

You will be helping the Sales Country Manager to expand Housing Anywhere. You will be working from our office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. As Sales Country Manager Assistant you will make research for potential customers and approach universities in your country in order to expand.

Main tasks:
● Planning meetings with potential customers (universities).
● Selling a Housing Anywhere membership to a university (mostly in video calls or in person);
● Launching our platform at these universities.

Other (supporting) tasks:
● Verifying users in our platform; Website translation; Calling users; Preparing meetings at conferences; tasks that could help improving the start-up.


We are looking for someone with:
● Knowledge about the country: We are looking for Sales Country Manager Assistants either citizens or that have lived in one of the following countries: Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, UK, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France.
Language: you should be able to speak 2 languages: English on an above-average level and be native or fluent in one of the languages of the above mentioned countries (exception for Native English speakers).

You should be independent and be able to demonstrate leadership. Besides, you should be structured: you will need to work according to specific checklists of our framework and develop the checklists yourself if they do not yet exist. Be persistent as a real salesman. Be a productive and motivated worker: no 9-5 mentality! Be an energetic, optimistic and imaginative power. Be also willing to do simple tasks since there is nobody "below" you. You will have high responsabilities but things such as preparing excel sheets, replacing a logo on our website, emptying the dishwasher etc. need to be done too. It won’t be your main job, but these things will be part of the job.

Wat biedt het bedrijf je?

 You can try to apply for the Erasmus+ grant besides the monthly reward we offer you.

Cool Things:
● You are directly responsible for everything that will happen in your target country, which is cool if things go right (and which is not cool when your country underperforms..) so it is quite special!
● You will develop your sales, negotiation, leadership, and business communication skills;
● Our team consists of 29 people, with 14 nationalities and most people in our office are between 21-30 years old; also having this experience of working in an international work environment will be a good element to have on your CV;
● You will be working in the Netherlands, in Rotterdam, in the student neighborhood Kralingen. Rotterdam is the second biggest city in the Netherlands and is one hour by train from the capital Amsterdam.



  • Rotterdam