Internship Corporate Finance / M&A
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Factor Bedrijfsovernames is an independent merger and acquisition specialist.
We are specialized in the total guidance that comes with selling and buying of enterprises, share valuation and finance pathways.

Factor Bedrijfsovernames works for customers such as private businesses, participation societies and public institutions throughout the Netherlands. For these customers we act as companions in selling or buying trajectories.

With broad knowledge, years of experience and a fundamental network of the partners and employees of Factor Bedrijfsovernames, all the ingredients are present for a pleasant guidance in an internship. Such that you can have a useful and informative experience.


During an internship at Factor Bedrijfsovernames you will be a direct part of a tight and driven team of acquisition specialists. One of the advantages of doing an internship at a smaller M&A office is that due to the small environment you will be directly involved with multiple projects (in different phases) at the same time. Tasks can involve searching for the right take-over candidate, presentations and pitches, writing informational memoranda, financially and strategically analysing markets and companies and the valuation of businessess.


- You have a professional attitude and appearance
- You have strong interest and affinity for corporate finance
- You are a team player who is capable of working independently 
- You have an eye for quality and detail
- You have strong analytical skills
- You are socially and communicationally capable
- You don't have a 9 tot 5 mentality

Wat biedt het bedrijf je?

As an intern at Factor Bedrijfsovernames we offer you personal guidance and every chance to quickly develop yourself in the field of mergers and acquisitions. As you are a direct team member you have the control over your own personal learning curve. During the internship you will be offered €600 per month. After a positive internship the option for further permanent employment is present.