Would you believe that a ceramic bends, folds and shapes anyway you want it? This is what we do. We create the materials that inspire new products and innovations. When designing new products, people are unconsciously biased by what a particular material can or cannot do and limit their options. We take a material and change the properties into what we need them to be. We challenge you to break the rules of design, and create products and solutions that never existed before.

Eurekite creates out-of-the-box functional materials to inspire the products of the future. Having a strong network including research and industry, Eurekite is developing combinations of materials and properties never seen before. We solve problems of the existing industrial products by changing the rules, as well as, by never taking any limitation for granted.


Main duties: Market studies, Technology scouting & Online marketing 

Offer: The student will be able to conduct his internship placement in a fast growing nanotech based company.

The duties of the intern will include:
1. Market study (80% of their time). The intern is to analyze and present:
a. Competing technologies
b. Competing companies
c. Landscape
d. Pricing
e. Existing IPs

2. Online marketing (20% of their time). The intern will be responsible for the online marketing of the company.
a. LinkedIn – active in relevant groups
b. Twitter – post updates

The intern will also have the chance to participate in the design of the major marketing strategy of the company.


Smart and energetic person with interest in marketing research and strategy. Technical background and marketing experience is an advantage. Internship should not be related to a thesis project.

Wat biedt het bedrijf je?

Duration: 3-6 months
Engagement: 8-40 hours/week
Salary: 0-400eu/month