Scrap Connection is an Amsterdam-based tech startup bringing trust and accountabiity to the international scrap trade (think metals, plastics, etc). It might not sound sexy, but it's a $250 billion/yr market!

We facilitate trades and business connections in that market to reduce trading risks that currently cost scrap companies huge amounts of time and money.

We're a small team, but we've just secured a further $700,000 to develop our next products. So we're expanding our team, and you'll be a part of that.

Our office is in the Weteringschans Wework Amsterdam building, which is a vibrant co-working space packed with interesting startups and people.


1st 3 months (approximately):
  • Create & implement our customer feedback & import/export data collection systems.
  • Wrangle that data to help us focus our business development on companies that matter. Who exported the most copper from Rotterdam in the last 2 years? Which Pakistani company imported the most containers of scrap into Karachi from the US West Coast in the last 12 months? You're going to find out for us.
  • Continually test & refine the system to maximise data collection outcomes.

2nd 3 months:
  • Work with our product development team (UX/UI designers, back end developers & front end developers) to create an online, automated version of your customer feedback & import/export data collection systems, and advise on how to maximise data collection outcomes and user interaction.


  • You're methodical, analytical and have an attention for detail. You love problem-solving.
  • Experience working with big datasets is highly applicable.
  • Knowledge of the scrap/commodities market is a huge bonus, but we of course don't expect you to have that.

Wat biedt het bedrijf je?

You'll be exposed to the fast and exciting startup life. Unlike in a big company, you'll really get to have a chance to try lots of different things. No photocopying tasks here!

You'll have plenty of independence to try news things, but you'll also have lots of 1 on 1 time with us. We'll always be around to teach you, answer your questions, and help you achieve.

Our office is at Wework Weteringschans, which has nice modern interiors with a great vibe and facilities like kitchens with free coffee ...and free beer. Yes you read that right.

We work with a flat-ish hierachy, and also flexible-ish working hours. e.g. you don't need to be at the office at 8am (we're not).

And who knows? If you show the attitude, work ethic and ability to learn, we might be trying to hire you as soon as you've finished your studies!