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TMC ALM is a Application Lifecyle Management (ALM) specialist based in Eindhoven. Our core business is to help customers in solving ALM related problems on a process and tool level. We do this based on our knowledge, experience, competences and skills shared across our team of specialists. As Atlassian Solution Partner we also have access to a very valuable tool suite that helps us solve problems in the domain of change management, version control, build management and release management but also on the level of (scaled) agile development, knowledge management and team collaboration. The Atlassian tools have a rich feature set but they do not solve all problems. Atlassian invested significantly in developing a ecosystem of add-on developers which grew to one of the largest business-2-business marketplaces in the world. Add-on (or plugin) vendors provide enhancements of the different Atlassian products that solve specific problems. Confluence is one of these Atlassian product for content collaboration platform that can be used for content management, knowledge management and team collaboration for example. The product contains a very powerful search engine that is based on the Lucene engine also used by Google. Content in Confluence is stored on Pages. In large instances it is possible that thousands of pages exists and searching for content is based on the content available in all these spaces. This could lead to in-efficient searches for content.

Functie omschrijving

As TMC ALM we really want to help the user community with this problem. We have the intention of developing an Add-on that solves this problem. Because we don't want to re-invent the wheel we first want to know what the already existing options are. If no fitting options are available we want to have an add-on developed that solves this problem. The assignment covers the following:
- Market research into available (competitor) solutions
- Analysis of the problem domain
- Analysis of the solution domain
- Definition of the solution
- Creation of the solution design
- Development of a prototype


To tackle this problem we expect the candidate to be a curious, creative, autonomous technology enthusiast that really want to create software solutions that solve business problems. If you recognize yourself and want to take the driver seat and set out the route that leads you from the problem to a working solution than please contact us.
Technological context:
-Java script
-Velocity templates
We expect that all candidates that are interested in this assignment are familiar
with Java (and Java script).

Wat biedt het bedrijf je?

During the assignment the student will be supported by somebody that focuses on the process and planning and somebody that focuses on the content. We like the have the student to be part of our team as much as possible for him/her to get a good view on the organization.



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