Business Analyst at Public Affairs Consulting Company


WO Master, WO Afgestudeerd


Zuid-Holland, Randstad


2, 3

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Consultancy, Marketing





Functie omschrijving

The overall objective of the role is to deliver value to our clients and help grow the business. The successful candidate will do so by overseeing and developing tooling, generating leads and creating thought leadership pieces on the one hand and working on specific client’s assignments on the other. The successful candidate will be responsible for creating presentations, doing supportive research for clients and partners, and other activities required to deliver value. This role involves researching markets and corporations to identify trends in Government and Public Affairs that our clients and prospects identify with, writing about those and distributing relevant articles.

Functie eisen

The successful candidate:

• Is highly analytical and able to codify seemingly unstructured information

• Detail oriented and accurate

• Is able to prioritize and organize among different tasks.

• Is technologically very literate (WordPress, Linked-In, and M.S. Office - especially PowerPoint and Excel - are considered essential tools).

• Has an investigative mindset, energy, drive, and a can-do attitude.

• Is not afraid to share their ideas and contribute new perspectives to the company.

• Has an excellent command of the English language, both verbal and written.

• Is eager to learn or get introduced to Business Consulting and evolve with the company.


GR-IQ offers a work environment that allows and encourages personal and professional growth, as well as the opportunity to engage with different international clients in a setting that requires taking responsibility, but also provides guidance and encourages learning-by-doing. The candidate will develop skills related to interpersonal communication and analysis as well as a deep understanding how international businesses make decisions.

The successful candidate will be working very closely with Paul Beijer, Managing Director of GR-IQ, who will provide guidance where needed, based on his experience working for recognized international businesses around the world. The selected applicant will also closely engage with other Business Analysts, who will be responsible to guide you and provide support in getting settled into the new role. What makes this role unique and exciting is that you will actually help shape the future of a global business. The work is intellectually stimulating: you will be able to gather practical experience that enriches the value of what you are learning or have learnt at university. In addition, you should expect maximum flexibility to carry out the work, from wherever you prefer, with only a minimum of one day a week in the office.