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Circle Partners is an independent fund administrator, providing a comprehensive range of fund administration solutions to established investment managers and those launching start-up funds.

We take care of all day-to-day back office functions, so that clients can focus solely on the management of their funds. We provide services to clients managing onshore and offshore funds, comprising both traditional and alternative assets. Fund structures include master – feeder, multi-class, umbrella and other funds.


We have offices in The Netherlands, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Curacao, United States, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines with a total staff of 100.


For an investment fund it is extremely important in today’s constantly changing investment environment to have an independent third party administrator. An administrator does not manage the portfolios, trade or research, develop products, raise capital, or manage client relationships. These functions are the core functions of the investment manager. A fund administrator services its clients and investors of the funds; supports the fund administratively and operationally; and provides financial, tax and compliance reporting. This includes audits and tax coordination; compliance services such as anti-money laundering and know-your-client procedures. These functions are critical to the successful daily operation of a fund.


When administrating their own fund, many fund managers find they are in over their head. In-sourcing requires them to hire sufficient support staff with the necessary skills and experience, pay their salaries and benefits, provide necessary infrastructure (office space, hardware and software), and supervise their work. In-sourcing also makes them directly responsible for correct and timely performance of these duties and compliance with all rules, regulations, and laws, especially the recently enacted anti-money laundering and know-your-client laws. The other choice would be to simply outsource these functions and have the fund pay an administrator for all administrative and operational support. Out-sourcing requires the administrator to provide necessary staff, infrastructure and supervision of the work performed.


A fund administrator greatly reduces expenses and overhead for the fund and the fund manager by eliminating the need for a larger administrative and operational staff. When the fund hires an administrator, the fund pays the “full freight” or the full cost of their own operations. An outsourcing arrangement with an administrator also enables them to purchase skills, talents and systems. An administrator will bring access to people trained, and often certified, in accounting, finance and operations. An administrator will also provide access to accounting, operational and client servicing systems.


The investors will appreciate the independent third-party verification of the funds’ operating results provided by an administrator.


Functie omschrijving

HR Medewerker werkzaamheden:

·         Updaten personeelsfiles

·         Clean-up data conform GDPR rules

·         Assisteren bij beoordeling/evaluatie gesprekken vastlegging

·         Assisteren van de Managing Director and Controller met ad-hoc werkzaamheden

Functie eisen

Wij zoeken mensen die nieuwsgierig, zelfstandig, pro-active en smart zijn.


Een stagevergoeding afhankelijk van opleiding niveau. De mogelijkheid om zelfstandig onderzoek te doen en een HR framework neer te zetten. De HR medewerker wordt begeleid door Directie/Finance & Control officer