Deltares- Enhancing Shallow Subsurface Models


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Enhancing Shallow Subsurface Models with Reconstructed S-Wave Velocity Profiles

We propose a scientific approach to combine reconstructed shear wave velocity profiles with boreholes, Cone

Penetration Tests (CPTs), and geological/geomorphological map and model data to create a high-resolution shallow

subsurface model. The availability of reconstructed S-wave velocity profile data at a 50-meter interval provides

much denser information compared to traditional point-based data such as boreholes and CPTs. This allows for the

detection of geological features and anomalies, even in areas with limited point-based subsurface data, which can

greatly benefit subsurface schematization along infrastructure.

The main goal of this proposal is to assess the feasibility of using S-wave velocity profiles as a feature for improving

the accuracy and resolution of shallow subsurface models. To achieve this, we will test different machine learning

algorithms, data aggregation methods, and interpolation methods available within DataFusionTools. Additionally,

we will test additional features that are indicative of subsurface composition, such as the geological map and

geomorphological map.

For this project, we will use the S-wave velocity profiles computed from the Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) data

acquired by fiber-optic cables between km 32.7 - 37.4 of the Hanzelijn. The proposed data fusion scheme could be

further implemented with improved S-wave profiles, which may be constrained using body wave data retrieved from

the same DAS dataset, as proposed in a separate proposal.

Functie eisen

Enrolled in a relevant MSc program software development, data science, earth observation,

or innovative technologies for modeling or monitoring.

To facilitate collaboration with Dutch universities for our internship program, we encourage students who are currently enrolled in a Dutch university and residing in the Netherlands to apply.


Program duration is 6 – 9 months starting September 2023.

Interning with Deltares means a monthly student allowance of €550 (depending on your

study points), flexible working hours, and the chance to work alongside top researchers from a Triple A institute.

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