Deltares-Mangrove suitability mapping


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Mangrove suitability mapping.

Global mangrove extent is declining, e.g. due to cutting of mangroves for fire food or urban expansion projects.

At the other hand, many parties are making restoration attempts. However, these attempts typically have a low

success rate. Currently, mangrove restoration efforts are hardly based on quantitative data and science, but rather

opportunistic. Mangrove propagules have only a limited window of opportunity to evolve to a seedling and grow

towards a mangrove tree. In the first phase of the evolvement, it requires propagule availability, propagule dispersal,

inundation free periods, low energetic hydrodynamics and low energetic sediment dynamics. After establishment,

both global and local drivers determine the potential for mangrove succession.

We propose to combine global data with eco-hydrological requirements to generate a tool that has the potential to

steer restoration efforts to high potential areas.

Functie eisen

Enrolled in a relevant MSc program software development, data science, earth observation,

or innovative technologies for modeling or monitoring.

To facilitate collaboration with Dutch universities for our internship program, we encourage students who are currently enrolled in a Dutch university and residing in the Netherlands to apply.


Program duration is 6 – 9 months starting September 2023.

Interning with Deltares means a monthly student allowance of €550 (depending on your

study points), flexible working hours, and the chance to work alongside top researchers from a Triple A institute.

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