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UAV Surveys and Finite Element Modelling for Assessing Road Pavement Response to Slope Instabilities.

Linear infrastructures are likely to encounter unstable subsurface and be subjected to a variety of stresses (e.g.,

weathering, erosion, tree roots expansion) besides traffic loading and vehicle motion. This proposal aims at

investigating the response of road pavements to slope instabilities related to ground movements at embankments or

roadcuts coupling Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) surveys and Finite Element (FE) modelling, thus paving the way for

a Digital Twin of the road-slope system.

The core idea of this proposal is investigating the response (stresses and crack patterns) of roads to (potential) slope

instabilities related to ground movements at embankments or roadcuts. To this aim, surveys with Unmanned Aerial

Vehicles (UAV) will be coupled with Finite Element (FE) modelling to (i) enable accurate and precise characterization

of damage on road pavements and (ii) develop a Digital Twin of the system. The objective is testing the integration

between remotely sensed and numerical models to assess how displacements on a road surface are indicative of

potential ground failures, also under extreme weather events.

Functie eisen

Enrolled in a relevant MSc program software development, data science, earth observation,

or innovative technologies for modeling or monitoring.

To facilitate collaboration with Dutch universities for our internship program, we encourage students who are currently enrolled in a Dutch university and residing in the Netherlands to apply.


Program duration is 6 – 9 months starting September 2023.

Interning with Deltares means a monthly student allowance of €550 (depending on your

study points), flexible working hours, and the chance to work alongside top researchers from a Triple A institute.

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