Forze Hydrogen Racing
Forze Hydrogen Racing - Legal Intern


WO Bachelor 3, WO Pre-Master, WO Master, HBO Bachelor 4, HBO Master




1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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Automotive, Design, Energie, Engineering, Milieu & duurzaamheid, Productie



Functie omschrijving

Forze Hydrogen Racing is growing. Not only in terms of technical innovation but also as a business. This growth necessitates non-technical knowledge in the legal field. Starting in February, a new position in the Business & Operations department will be available. This person will be involved in projects that concern Partnerships, Operations and Marketing. You will be responsible for analysing and revising new contracts, setting up legal documents like non-disclosure agreements and supporting Forze with intellectual property rights. You will also be in close contact with our legal partner Clifford Chance. Apart from these legal responsibilities, you will organise and join general BusOps activities like events, partner visits and marketing campaigns.

Functie eisen

At Forze Hydrogen Racing, you will work in a high-performing team with hard-working and ambitious students. We are looking for someone that takes initiative, is good in solving complex problems and works well in an interdisciplinary team. You can work with high-profile companies and can have a professional attitude towards them.


At Forze Hydrogen Racing, you work in a professional environment where you are the head responsible for tackling legal challenges. As we will enter our racing season soon, you will get on-track experience and the chance to work with many high-profile partners.