Ingy - Linux system engineer


WO Bachelor 3, WO Pre-Master, HBO Bachelor 4, HBO Master





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Design, Engineering, ICT, Research & development


Information & Communication Technology (ICT)


4, 5, 6, 6+


€ 400.00


Ingy is a fast growing and well-funded start-up developing smart lighting and building systems. We were founded 2 years ago with a mission to deliver smart building technology at a far lower cost-price by integrating all required technology in the lighting. Furthermore is Ingy globally recognized as one of the leaders the field. They use the lighting infrastructure to make buildings smart, offering solutions like: indoor navigation, asset tracking, occupancy analytics and climate monitoring.

They have a globally spread team of world-class developers for instance in London, Madrid and Melbourne, most with first degrees (Msc or Phd) from world class universities in computer science, embedded software or wireless technology.

Functie omschrijving

You will be receiving day to day coaching and learning from one or multiple of our senior staff

members, some of which have decades of experience working with Linux (how about working with

people that were present at the founding meeting of the HCC in the Netherlands)

Functie eisen

We are looking for candidates that know their way around the Linux command line and have a firm

grasp of basic network concepts like VPN, firewalls and NAT. You probably have been playing around

with a raspberry Pi or Arduino, prefer Linux as your day to day operating system, or have turned an

old PC at home into a dedicated Linux server.


We currently have several open internships for a linux system engineer, within this position you will

work maintaining and developing the tooling to maintain our linux based infrastructure including our

fleet of edge gateways and cloud infrastructure. We always shape the exact assignment on the

needs of your specific internship, but potential assignments could include:

- Migrating our existing edge gateway management to Balena

- Unifying our system management tools for different subsystem into one management tool

- Extending our devops tools set for an IoT fleet

- Creating automated test setups using our existing linux tool set to control and test our

lighting control solutions