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IT intern


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Automotive, Design, Educatie en onderzoek, Energie, Marketing & communicatie, Milieu & duurzaamheid, Non-profit, Productie



Functie omschrijving

The design of our hydrogen race car has become increasingly complex over the years. As a result, our engineers have to perform simulations requiring more computing power. As an IT Intern, you are the link between the servers we use to run these simulations and the engineers who create them. Your tasks include keeping all the servers up and running by performing maintenance and troubleshooting in case of problems. Furthermore, you are responsible for optimising the use of the servers by writing scripts that, for example, disable nodes when they are not in use to save power and automatically remove unused files. Finally, you will be in charge of inspecting hardware and installing new parts.

A background in (one of) the following studies is preferred:

Computer science

Information technology

Any other field that is experienced with Linux systems

Functie eisen

Forze Hydrogen Racing is a high-performing organisation with ambitious and driven students. We are looking for someone who is a team player, takes the initiative, is good at problem-solving, and is always looking for creative solutions. As we are a dynamic team, working well with different departments and people is required.


Within Forze Hydrogen Racing, you get to work in a real race team. You will be the main responsible for all ICT-related topics. You will get the chance to work in a real race team and contribute to getting our newest car ready for the racing season 2023, where you can join and gain on-track experience.