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WO Pre-Master, WO Master, HBO Master


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Analist, Business development, Finance, Marketing, Wetenschap


More than 50% of the European population is missing one or more teeth, because of gum disease (accounting for 70% of tooth loss among adults), cavities, physical injury, and other risk factors such as diabetes and smoking. The prevalence of dental problems increases to up to 70-85% of the population aged 60-65 years old. But access to oral healthcare services is a major problem amongst vulnerable and low-income groups: treatment for oral health conditions is expensive and often not covered by health insurance. Most of those in need of new teeth cannot afford expensive dental elements. They either accept inferior quality or decide not to replace them at all.

Lake3D aims to make beautiful teeth available to everyone. The importance of teeth is threefold: they help to chew and digest food, they help to talk and speak clearly, and they shape the human face and its expression. Bad teeth truly impact a person’s visual appearance, self-confidence, and mind-set.

Lake3D develops a novel, disruptive material jetting technology to 3D print affordable, natural-looking, and durable dental elements with the right mechanical properties. The ultimate goal is to make beautiful teeth available for anyone.

Functie omschrijving

We are looking for two bright and driven students who will make a thorough competition analysis for the dental market, both technical and financial. Next to desktop research, the assignment will also involve contacting and interviewing relevant players in the field.

The financial part will include a cost break-down of dental treatments. The technical part can be seen in our other vacancy.

Together with the people of Lake3D this out of the box thinkers will actively participate in the choices to be made. Therefore flexibility and above all communication skills are key.

The duration of the assignment is three to six months, depending on your availability (preferably two days a week).

For the financial part, we are searching for a business administration or innovation management profile.

Other operational support can be requested.

Functie eisen

Key characteristics

  • Technical background
  • Communication skills
  • Good sense of humor
  • Flexible
  • Representative
  • Analytic
  • Stubborn but with a good understanding when decisions have been made
  • Fluent in English (writing and speaking)
  • Not afraid to learn about dental applications
  • Not afraid to learn about different 3d printing techniques


You’ll get the chance of working Independently with a possibility to influence important decisions to be made. You will be a full discussion partner for the board and will be actively supported.