Manometric - Software Engineer


WO Bachelor 3, WO Pre-Master, WO Master, WO Afgestudeerd, HBO Bachelor 3, HBO Bachelor 4, HBO Master, HBO Afgestudeerd


Zuid-Holland, Randstad


4, 5

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Design, Engineering, ICT, Research & development


Design, Engineering, Zorg & Welzijn


4, 5, 6, 6+


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Manometric is transforming orthoses and prosthetics from necessities to products people love to wear. For a growing population with chronic diseases, we provide innovative medical products which relieve pain and enable users to perform their work and hobbies again. We work together closely with hospitals and clinics and offer high-end direct patient care throughout The Netherlands.

We have built a proprietary 3D Hand Scanner, along with highly innovative brace designs and automation software. We have a skilled and multidisciplinary team of 20+ employees, including Orthopedic Specialists, Industrial Designers and Hardware & Software Engineers. We work in our brand new office in The Hague, with in-house state of the art patient care, production and R&D facilities.

We are looking for a passionate, creative and skilled Software Engineering Intern.

What can we offer: Learn a from our skilled team. You'll join a multi-disciplinary team with several experienced hardware & software engineers, industrial designers, and orthopedic specialists, and will learn on a variety of topics:

  • Software Engineering
  • Software/hardware integration (custom electronics)
  • Digital workflow
  • Healthcare system integration
  • Image & 3D Model processing
  • Medical device engineering
  • DevOps (Linux based)
  • Help us with rewarding projects

Improve our digital workflow and patient experience

Improve our scanner and image processing pipelines

Functie eisen

Basic experience in designing, building and testing software applications

Hands-on experience with Python, Javascript

You're able to start projects yourself from scratch (including deployment)

Experience with building applications using frontend technologies such as React is a plus

You love working in a team (but can also work independently)

Communications skills


- You'll have highly skilled designers and engineers in your team, including an AI/ML expert, CTO with >20yrs of experience and design engineers that graduated with a 10 from TU Delft.

- You'll get a lot of freedom and responsibility.

- Sky is the limit - we've had internships that led to patent applications.