Mastervolt - Design of a testframework


Noord-Holland, Randstad


WO Bachelor 2, WO Bachelor 3, WO Master, HBO Bachelor 2, HBO Bachelor 3, HBO Bachelor 4


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4, 5, 6, 6+


Energie, Engineering, Productie


ICT, Research & development


Mastervolt stands for reliable and innovative autonomous power solutions. As specialists in the management conversion and storage of electrical energy we offer a comprehensive product portfolio with a power range from 300 W to 40 kWatt. Our electric solutions are widely used in demanding markets such as marine mobile off shore industrial autonomous solar and infrastructure.

Functie omschrijving

Background of the assignment:

Product testing is a crucial part of product development. This part often requires a lot of time and during further development a lot of repetition is experienced. It would be nice if at least some of these tests could be automated.

Goal(s) of the assignment:

The goal is that the product software can be automatically programmed into a unit that is in a (larger) system.

After programming a number of parameters will have to be monitored. This will in any case be used to check this for each new software:

- Performing updates in a (larger) system will continue to function.

- Normal communication in a system continues to function

Functie eisen

Result of the assignment:

The end result will be a system (in which as many of our products as possible are included) with which at least two different products can be provided with new firmware and monitored from the building site. Initially this will have to be done on the basis of a communication protocol. It will have to be possible to extend this with a second communication protocol. It will also have to be possible to extend the delivered system with:

   - New products and the associated parameters that must be monitored.

   - In the longer term: Product-dependent tests. Think about this:

     a.  Testing specific communication.

     b.  Offering test stimuli and measuring outputs.

We':re looking for:

A student with an affinity for embedded software. Enthusiastic independent and curious are the characteristics of this student. In addition he or she has a good command of the English language


- €450/month 

- Travel cost covered for international students (Dutch students can travel using their student OV) 

- International work environment 

- Professional guidance from engineer