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TIOBE - Customer DevOps graduation internship


HBO Bachelor 4, HBO Master




4, 5

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ICT, Klantenservice, Projectmanagement, Research & development


Engineering, Information & Communication Technology (ICT)


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Our mission is to make the world a safe, secure and smart place.

With our Software Quality framework TiCS we support software quality improvement from development to board level with adequate overview using multiple reporting/dashboard tools for every layer and teams in the organization, Bits2Board we call that. TIOBE provides a smooth integration in the development process and where needed tailoring of our solution to fit each organization.

We contribute to the key software development steps at organizations like Philips, TomTom, Vanderlande, ABB en Heijmans.

Functie omschrijving

The customer DevOps Engineer is responsible for assuring TIOBE customers achieve long-term success with our market-leading TiCS Framework and quality assessments. He is the first TIOBE representative for questions, requests, or complaints.

Responsibilities will consist of both on-site and online engagements with leading top-tier software development groups throughout Europe, Asia, and the US. Occasional travel to other geographic regions including America and Asia may also be expected.

Engagements are varied in profile, according to TIOBE and customer needs, however, typically involve the following functional activities:

Technical solution enablement (60% of your time)

Take complete responsibility for realizing hands-on technical tasks for our customers in the following areas:

  • Deployment and integration of TiCS tooling with customer’s CI/CD environment, build systems, IDEs, and processes.
  • Understanding the needs of stakeholders and conveying this to the TiCS deployment or communicating this to the TiCS product development team.
  • Design and implementation of custom scripts to integrate the product into a specified workflow.
  • Identifying, reviewing, and troubleshooting first-line technical problems, performing root cause analysis, and developing fixes. Collaborate with TIOBE colleagues to resolve more complex issues.
  • Build solutions to reduce occurrences of errors and improve customer experience.
  • Working with DevOps and IT Engineers of the customer to ensure that TiCS fits in established processes and works as intended.
  • Planning out projects and being involved in project management decisions.
  • Document and communicate the established solution clearly and effectively.
  • Collaborate with colleagues and customers to transfer technical knowledge.

End-user engagement (20% of your time)

Communicate with software engineers, architects, and business stakeholders to explain the underlying principles and value of the implemented TiCS solution:

  • Assist customers in understanding and reviewing the impact of measurements obtained using the own developed TQI quality model.
  • Helping customers to form strategies to address software quality issues and achieve high-quality software.
  • Creating and delivering concise and effective user-awareness material to educate customer team members on the exact details of the solution deployed for their environment.
  • Capturing and articulating best practices and experiences derived from other engagements to guide customers and achieve meaningful change.

Custom solution design and development (20% of your time)

Design and implement innovative solutions which go 'above and beyond to enable a specific customer requirement. For example:

  • Integration of third-party static code analysis tools into the TiCS framework.
  • Creation of custom reporting, policies, or metrics to assist in measuring TQI.
  • Design procedures for system troubleshooting and maintenance.

Functie eisen

Soft skills

  • Customer-oriented, good communicative skills, honest, curious.
  • Working autonomous, but also a team player; knowledge management, sharing (technical) knowledge in the team, and building expertise in new domains.
  • Must be willing to learn newer technologies as needed, and think innovative.
  • Talent in multi-tasking and your own time management.
  • Able to perform under pressure, because of the frequent releases of the product.
  • Analytical and solution-driven mindset, innovative, out-of-the-box, creative.

Hard skills

  • Some knowledge of Windows and Linux platforms.
  • Good understanding of software development process.
  • Experience with Continuous Integration System.
  • Experience with Code Quality tools.
  • English is a prerequisite.
  • Basic scripting skills Perl or Python or Shell.
  • Java, C, C++ are added value.
  • At least bachelor degree, Computer Science or sort of.
  • Well experienced with administrative tasks on Windows and Linux platforms.
  • Proficient in scripting with Perl or Python or Shell.
  • Good understanding of the software development process.
  • Experience with continuous integration systems.
  • Experience with code quality tools Knowledge of C++, C, and Java is added value.
  • Fluently speaking English, Dutch preferred.
  • Understanding French or German is added value.


The best thing about TIOBE is that with a relatively compact team we are able to make a huge impact worldwide in the field of software quality. This means that you have room to develop yourself in various directions.

In this role, you develop yourself at a rapid pace in the technical field, in clear and transparent communication, and in leadership by taking responsibility for challenging problems.

Guidance is provided by experienced professionals, mainly focused on where you want to take steps yourself, how you see yourself that you could do more for TIOBE.