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Accountancy, Administratief, Analist, Business development, Communicatie, Consultancy, Distributie, Engineering, Finance, HR, ICT, Inkoop, Management, Marketing, Productie, Projectmanagement, Reclame, Research & development, Sales, Strategie & planning, Supply chain & operations


Consultancy, Information & Communication Technology (ICT)




iTrainee is dé matchmaker tussen jonge talenten en bedrijven die verlegen zitten om goede SAP-consultants. Dat doen we met een hoogwaardig en intensief opleidingsprogramma waarin high potentials getraind worden in SAP, methoden & technieken leren en sociale vaardigheden opdoen. Zorgvuldig afgestemd op de wensen van onze opdrachtgevers. Trainees gaan vervolgens, onder onze begeleiding, aan de slag bij een van onze opdrachtgevers, met een dienstverband in het vooruitzicht. Zo hebben we al honderden mensen opgeleid en vele opdrachtgevers blij gemaakt met goede en complete SAP-consultants.

Functie omschrijving

The Traineeship

Starting at ITrainee means starting a challenging programme; in the first three months, you will follow a course in SAP taught by our experienced trainers. You could see it as a continuation of the degree you have just finished. You will learn about the business side of IT, and gain experience of the technical side of the software. In addition, you’ll be working on your soft skills. These are the skills that are useful in the workplace and when dealing with clients. They include the ability to work in teams, to give feedback, to be convincing and to plan & organise.

Matching & specialisation

As the traineeship progresses, we will start looking for employers that suit your preferences. We are on the look-out for your dream job; the location, sector, field and of course the business culture that suit you best. Once we have found a match and both parties are happy, we will sit down with your potential employer and draw up a training plan.


Depending on the job, you will specialise in a particular field. This specialisation process is designed to teach you the tricks of the trade and is different for every trainee. It may even be possible to earn additional certificates in certain jobs. Once you have finished a specialisation, you will spend the rest of your traineeship working for the employer of your choice full-time. This period covers 15 months.

Functie eisen

Your qualifications

You have graduated with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. The traineeship is aimed at young, talented people with a degree in the field of business, finance, logistics or organisation studies.

Not just for IT graduates

You do not need a specific background in IT to be eligible for our traineeship. It might help, but it’s not a deal breaker. It is much more important to be predisposed towards maths and science and have an interest in IT. You will have to take a test beforehand so that we know that you are capable of following the programme and are sufficiently motivated to work in IT. We can teach you the rest.


  • Teaching (SAP college, Soft Skills)
  • Guidance/coaching
  • Internationally certified 
  • Contract within a great company of your choice 
  • Market confirm salary
  • Car, if needed to go to the client
  • A great kick-start of your career!