X-Systems B.V.
X-Systems - Applicatie Developer




WO Bachelor 1, WO Bachelor 2, HBO Bachelor 3


3, 4, 5


5, 6, 6+


Information & Communication Technology (ICT)




X-systems is marktleider op het gebied van mobiele en IoT-cyberbeveiliging voor de sector High Assurance. X-systems ontwikkelt en levert geaccrediteerde diensten en faciliteiten voor een veilige informatie-uitwisseling. Zo staat X-systems bekend om zijn in eigen huis ontwikkelde veilige mobiele platform / smartphones en IoT-apparaten en versleutelde (mobiele) communicatietoepassingen.

X-systems B.V. biedt naast haar High-Assurance-beveiligingsproducten ook gecodeerde softwareoplossingen voor organisaties die een hoog niveau van preventieve beveiliging eisen om hun opslag en beveiliging van kritieke communicatiegegevens te verbeteren. Deze diensten worden aangeboden op zowel NGO B2B- als B2G-niveau.

Functie omschrijving

The secure "application" which you can immediately start working on is to protect colleagues within an organization against threats such as eavesdropping, interception espionage, larceny sabotage, hacking spyware and malware. The "application is a small part of one integrated and modular 'high assurance' secure and closed communication platform with secure text messages + voice call + push-to-talk + data transfer all protection by highly verified end-to-end encryption. The platform is specially developed for (government) organization to optimize secure communication on mobile Android (and iOS) handsets. Safety above all else. The strength of the development of this "application" is the possibility of implementation on-site and on-premiums.

Functie eisen

You will work with our internal and external developers and architects on the topics: program security, communication security, android API compatibility, iOS compatibility and code reviewing and commenting. You are able to make a security and threat analysis and to evaluate and comment on the code as well as the code developed by your colleagues. You are also able to test your own coding in real-life on premises integration as well as to test the communication platform. The developments are specific to mobile devices especially android. This means that knowledge of Java and C# and C++ is a requirement.


The activities/ work times can be flexible. The fee is yet to be agreed upon.