X-Systems B.V.
X-Systems - Mathematical cryptographic engineer


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WO Master, WO Afgestudeerd, HBO Bachelor 4, HBO Master, HBO Afgestudeerd


3, 4, 5




Information & Communication Technology (ICT)


Engineering, Research & development


X-Systems is a young ambitious company trying to make the world safer with tools and services.

We focus on high-assurance cryptographic solutions. The company focuses on three pillars;

  1. Mobile Cyber Security
  2. IoT Cyber Security
  3. Critical Communications.

We combine hardware and software to achieve optimal security. Our solutions are forensically demonstrably safe and protected against current attack methods from cyber criminals, digital extremists and state actors.

Functie omschrijving

The Job: Mathematical cryptographic engineer

We are looking for a very experienced engineer with coding experience and studying in the field mathematics / quantum / cryptography. We are in the development of a secure communication platform that requires next level security, database management, key management and code development.

Functie eisen

Have you got experience with WebRTC, Javascript, Databases. Contact us.

You must have extended knowledge of:

  • Databases
  • Mathematics
  • Cryptography
  • API’s, NodeJS

At least one of those code languages:

Javascript, QT, Java, Swift.


This job can be done as an internship but also as a side job.