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Business development, Communicatie, Consultancy, Marketing, Sales


Consultancy, Marketing & communicatie


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Zertic is a Dutch company providing software for the certification industry on a global scale.

Ask yourself;

      Do you trust the food you eat?

      Do you trust the products you use?

Building trust in products and services requires certification. A certificate tells you if a product is safe, sustainable, or genuine.

Certificates can be seen as the license to operate for many companies and persons.

Those certificates are issued by auditors that are working at or for a certification body.

Zertic empowers all parties involved in the process towards certification with world-class “certification software”. Zertic makes sure companies and persons can use these certificates to provide trust in the products and services they trade and use.

Therefore, our market slogan “Let’s empower trust”

Why is this important, why should you care?

Do you want to work for a better world where we demand environmentally sustainable goods and services using fair labor, fair trade, organic food, safe environments, and products? By joining Zertic you can make an impact! Zertic is used by a vastly growing amount of companies and together with you, we make an even bigger impact.

Join us in empowering trust!

Functie omschrijving

Zertic (www.zertic.com) is fast becoming a global leader in certification software. Of course, a good software solution is a precondition for taking the market leader position, but you as a starting Tech Marketing professional understand that Marketing and Sales will really determine whether we will get 1st place. We are in the transition from bringing in the early adopters to reaching the early majority (Crossing the Chasm).

Functie eisen

You are critical and analytical and you know that marketing is not only a "numbers game" but that the right message must also be sent to the right target group (Crossing the Chasm, focus on niche). You will join a small but driven sales and marketing team and you will be able to contribute your knowledge, but also work with the most beautiful marketing technologies. Depending on your interests and competencies, your internship or graduation assignment will be fleshed out.

Passion for the latest models that fit niche marketing approach and exponential growth. The result of your work must always be immediately applicable, but must be substantiated by research and methods. We are a no nonsense organization and we expect that attitude from you too. Doing research is therefore not a purpose in itself, translating it into application possibilities and concrete step-by-step plan(s) is what we expect from you.


We offer a monthly fee of 350 euros plus travel expenses are compensated. Next to that a bonus structure for sales success is also applicable for interns.

We will learn you to work and implement the latest sales and marketing models and technology. Your analytic skills and your ability to execute are developed through out your internship.

Wat biedt het bedrijf je

Following an onboarding course, you will be a member of an international multidisciplinary team working on marketing and communications projects. Depending on the time zone of our clients, your working hours will vary. All team members, including you, are assigned to an internal task for the improvement of an aspect. The drive is to do each campaign better, faster, and with more fun than the one before.

After one year and depending on your performance, you will be offered a contract.