Integrand was founded in 1980 aiming to ease the transition for students from university to the labour market. From then on, Integrand has been bridging the gap between academic students and companies. Now, we have offices in all twelve university cities  and as a non-profit foundation we have grown into the largest academic internship mediator in the Netherlands!


Integrand strives to be the most professional student network in the Netherlands. We achieve this by connecting the ambitions of academic students and companies in a personal and accessible way. We stimulate students by offering various opportunities to develop themselves in preparation for their careers.
We realize this in cooperation with our 130 board members. They actively look for an intern who is a good fit for you. Take a look at our internship mediation. We also organize career events in cooperation with companies, so that students with various study backgrounds and companies can get to know each other. For excellent law students we have a Talentpool, for which workshops and events are organized annually. In addition, we can promote your company as a potential employer through various online and offline channels. Check out our advertising opportunities.
Do you have any questions about Integrand and our services? Feel free to contact us and we will help you and your company!

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