You have created a LinkedIn profile, sent out connection requests, you regularly check your timeline, your profile is regularly viewed, you receive messages from LinkedIn to entice you to be active on LinkedIn; but in reality, you don't know what exactly to do on this website. Yet, you would very much like to be seen and found on LinkedIn. You'd like LinkedIn to help you find an internship or job. You'd like your LinkedIn profile to be solid, like an online CV. In short, you want to know how to stand out online via LinkedIn.

Well filled out profile

To be able to use LinkedIn effectively, you first of all need to understand that LinkedIn will only work for you if you start at the beginning and make sure that your profile is as complete as LinkedIn wants it to be. This allows LinkedIn to better determine for you who and what to introduce to you, so you will be triggered to engage with LinkedIn again. Do you feel the interaction that LinkedIn would like to see?

Profile alone is not enough

A well filled out profile alone is not enough on LinkedIn. The trick is to make LinkedIn work extra for you, so that you stand out more.

Three tips every student needs to know!

1. Get more than 500 connections

More connections is a win-win situation for you and for LinkedIn. It is said that you are only interesting for LinkedIn if you have more than 500 connections. If you can count your connections on two hands, that seems like a long way to go. How to make big steps as a student can be read in this blog article. 

2. Become active on LinkedIn 

With being active, I mean that you regularly (preferably daily/ at least weekly) log in and engage on LinkedIn. Every activity you do on LinkedIn is registered and makes LinkedIn work for you more. LinkedIn then knows what they can do for you, how and especially whose attention they should bring you to. They can read that from your activities on LinkedIn.

3. Let recruiters know you are looking for a new challenge 

Go to your own profile on LinkedIn and click on the button 'Open to'.


Choose 'Finding a new job' and specify what kind of job you are looking for on the page that follows. 


If you apply these 3 tips seriously, you will do your best for LinkedIn and LinkedIn will work better for you. Because that is one of the basic principles of LinkedIn. LinkedIn, not you, determines how much you stand out on LinkedIn, but also 'rewards' you for your active behavior on LinkedIn.

So do you want to stand out on LinkedIn and get the most out of it? Then you should always have the following top of mind. 

      -The more active I am on LinkedIn, the more active LinkedIn works for me!-